Jobs for stay at home moms – No Scams

Jobs for stay at home moms no scams, are not as easy to find online, as it would seem. Although the World Wide Web offers the possibility of finding thousands of home based work opportunities available for telecommuters, it is not so easy to distinguish the legitimate job offers from the scams. Many former career women choose to work from home – part or full time- once they have children, in order to be able to manage family life. Spending time with young children is not just something most moms would like to do, but it is also something that is often the only solution for raising a child. However, giving up work entirely, and supporting a young family from one income is often all too hard, if not impossible. This is where jobs for stay at home moms no scams come into the picture. Finding legitimate home based positions will allow women to maintain their professional life, thus not only earning an additional income, but also managing to balance work and family. There are many different possibilities for women to work from home, based on their education, background experience and interests. Finding job offers that are truly legitimate can also be done by consulting the Better Business Bureau.

Jobs for stay at home moms no scams allow moms to spend more time with their children, as well as supplement the family budget. Among the many websites mediating between stay at home moms and companies that offer home based work, one of the best known and safest websites to check out is But there are also many websites specializing in mediating jobs for moms in particular, such as,,, or Moms can choose their field of activity and determine their own schedule based on the amount of time they have available to spend working during the course of a day or week. Avoiding a long and tiresome commute will save a lot of time and effort, and working from the back garden on a sunny day does sound a whole lot better than most part time jobs available on the market. Moms can work while their children have activities outside the home, are taking a nap or watching TV. However, when they choose to work, their schedule must be made known to their children, if they are in the house and awake so that they respect it, and mom can get on with her work without interruptions, otherwise working from home will become nothing short of a nightmare.

The many jobs for stay at home moms no scams available online, can basically be divided into two categories: they are either computer based jobs or arts and crafts jobs. Pc jobs range from filling out surveys to translations, and cover basically any type of work that can be done from a remote location. Filling out surveys is the easiest job, ideal for anyone who has no special training or background to take advantage of. However, this job will only be able to make up for a part time income, at its best. Most surveys are paid for in products or small amounts of cash 5-10$. Only larger surveys will pay better, and unfortunately they do not come along often. Writing jobs are also very popular; they pay better and allow for much more creativity and a free flow of ideas. Writing jobs usually pay per article, and will only amount to a full time income if you have enough work to do. Other very popular home based jobs are phone assistance jobs. Many call center tasks have been outsourced to home based workers, as it is much more financially efficient for companies to choose this route. In this manner they manage to save huge sums on office space, technology and internet fees as well as employee related costs, such as bonuses and benefits.

At the same time many positions are being offered to so-called virtual assistants. These are all most likely jobs for stay at home moms no scams, as they are full time positions, under firm contracts. Virtual assistants do everything that used to be traditionally the tasks of in house secretaries, such as data entry and maintenance, data base updates, customer service, managing business trips and scheduling. For those with a solid knowledge of the English language and good typing skills and speed doing home based transcription work is a good idea. Additionally if they have a medical or legal background with a degree and experience in the specific field, they can do specialized transcription. Medical and legal transcriptions do not only pay very well, but they also offer long term employment, which means stability and not having to continuously look for the next project that one will be working on. Other home based computer jobs include, but are not restricted to: customer service jobs, data collection and maintenance jobs, translation jobs, computer programming and design jobs, accounting jobs, case management and telephone triage jobs, only to name a few. Creative people, who have less interest in a computer based job, can choose to focus on their hobbies, and turn those into an income source. Sewing, painting and other creative skills can be put to good use, either in the employment of a company or by selling one’s own products on specialized websites or in locals stores.

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