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Jobs to do at home and get paid well for them seem to be an urban myth. You hear of people having a lucrative job from home, working when they like and as much as they want to, yet you have never encountered one. You can read thousands of testimonials online, success stories of average Joe’s and Jane’s who are making thousands of dollars a month by doing a few easy tasks, yet you never seem to encounter the same job opportunities yourself. These people seem to have stumbled upon a hidden treasure, which for some inexplicable reason seems to elude you. What you do not know is that there is actually a very simple reason for this matter of fact. Although there are plenty of jobs to do at home and get paid to be found, none of them are as glamorous as advertisers would have you believe. Those testimonials and success stories you read online are vastly exaggerated, if not entirely made up. A stay at home mom making 4000$ a month for a few hours of work a day that is really reaching far… and then they would have you believe that all you need to do for such amounts of money is to fill out some surveys or write some ads. Does that sound ridiculous to you? Well, this sounds so, because it is so!

Jobs to do at home and get paid for are a reality, however earning what some would have you believe, is not. Also, in order to make serious money from at home jobs, you need to be a qualified professional. Filling out surveys will at most bring in some pocket money, but it will not be a constant and reliable source of income. In order to make serious money, you have to do serious work. For example, you can do secretarial tasks from home; namely, take on a virtual assistant job. Virtual assistant jobs are all the rage nowadays, with many small and medium sized companies outsourcing traditionally in house tasks, in order to cut down on costs. Writing e-mails, answering the phone, planning meetings and business trips can easily be done from home. It is good for the employer because he saves on bonuses and office costs, and it is good for the employee because he no longer needs to make a long and tiresome commute, can work flexible hours and still maintain their daily routine.

Working from home has a lot of benefits. For one, sleeping in on the weekdays becomes possible. But it also is a great responsibility. Having jobs to do at home and get paid means constantly being on the lookout for new projects to work on, as many home based jobs will only last a couple of months. It also means being able to meet deadlines, to keep employers happy and do quality work. There are some jobs, for experienced professionals, which are ideal for telecommuting and can also bring in a handsome income. One of the most sought after positions is transcription. There are basically three types of transcription work: general transcription, medical transcription and legal transcription. General transcription can be done by anyone with good typing skills and a great command of the English language. But medical transcription and legal transcription can only be done by medical professionals and legal professionals respectively. Both need to have at least two years of experience in their respective fields in order to do this job well. Accounting jobs are also ideal for at home work, and can easily be done for multiple firms, by anyone with at least three years of in house accounting and bookkeeping work experience.

The most important thing to remember when looking for jobs to do at home and get paid is safety. Finding a home based job online will most often than not prove easier than getting paid for the job. Unfortunately there are a lot of scam artists offering fake work online. They essentially make their money in two basic manners: they either ask for a sign up fee or mediation fee and then never make a legitimate job offer, or they send work which they never pay for. One of the most basic scams for the latter is the envelope stuffing scam. What they do is send people advertisement flyers to stuff into envelopes which they then mail. They promise to pay a certain amount for each mailed envelope. What they omit, on purpose, to say, is that the flyers actually advertise the envelope stuffing business itself, and that they will only pay for envelopes which result in someone else joining. Of course the chances of hundreds of people joining, so that you can make a decent income, are pretty far off. But by the time you find that out you will have paid a sign up fee from 30 to 50$ and can consider that money to be lost. To find out more about your potential employer check with the better business bureau. Making sure you are safe also means getting all of the contact information you need from your future business partner. The more information you have, the less likely it is that you will get scammed.

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