Jobs working at home online

Jobs working at home online are a result of the times we are living and employers adapting to those times. Many employers have seen a need to relax traditional work place boundaries in order to accommodate the changing market conditions. Due to globalized economical market conditions and the technological progress registered the job market has changed radically. Working from home- especially in fields which are ideal for telecommuting- has become just as efficient, easy and quick as working from the office. This is why many employers have opened up to the idea and have started to allow for their employees to work form home part time or even hire telecommuters. Jobs working at home online are ideal for many employees. Some employees have a beautiful garden, which they would love to work from on their laptop in the summer, instead of sitting in a stuffy office. Other employees live very far away and would love to be able to work without having to make the long commute. For whichever reasons employees choose to work form home, luckily for them technology allows for part or full time home based work.

For many however, jobs working at home online do not represent a change in work description. Many employees set out looking for telecommuting jobs, for various reasons. Often times stay at home moms who have chosen to give up work in order to raise their children, find themselves wanting a part time income source. This is often due not only to a need for a second income, but also a need to have a different type of activity. Remaining active on the employment market will allow for a smoother transition into work once they decide to return to work full time, when their children are grown. Having a resume that states that for the past ten years you have been a stay at home mom will most likely not garner a lot of interest from potential employers. However, stating that you have done different types of work while at home raising your children, will show your ability to multitask, as well as your ambition in not giving up on your professional development, while raising a family.

There are many different types of jobs working at home online one can choose from. One of the most popular telecommuting jobs is that of Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants basically do what traditional office based assistants used to do, only from a remote location. Assistant tasks include writing and answering e-mails, planning schedules and business meetings, as well as business trips, editing documents and maintaining data bases among others. Article writing jobs are also great for home based workers. Writing articles usually requires no previous experience, but it will require good typing skills and a good command of the English language. Articles need to be written for many different categories and many different topics. Writers usually get paid per article, which means that the amount the make actually depends on their speed and skills. Proofreading is a job which is in the same category, it also pays relatively well, however it does require great attention to detail, which is not a given in all cases. Transcription work is also a typing based job. It requires less creativity then writing but accuracy is paramount here. Transcription jobs can pay very well, especially in the field of medicine, and can last up to several years.

Other jobs working at home online include online tutoring, translation or bookkeeping services as well. Tutoring will require you to have a field of expertise; any type of teaching experience will be of great value to you, as well as the ability to transfer information in an effective way. Tutors are often contacted to help with school projects and homework, but they can also teach foreign languages and have a handsome income. Translators are also able to work very well from any location, as translations can be immediately sent online to any part of the world. The more language combinations you know the greater the possibility that you will find high paying jobs. Translation jobs are also showing great future prospects, with the number of translation jobs being on the rise. It is expected that the translation business will grow by another 25% in the following years. Bookkeeping is also ideal for telecommuting. however in order to be a successful home based bookkeeper or accountant it helps to have at least 3 to 5 years of experience at a company, in a traditional office work environment, so that you posses the necessary knowledge for building an independent business.

Customer service jobs are also among the top jobs working at home online. Customer care is possible from anywhere where an internet connection and a landline are available. Companies also provide training and will offer attractive compensation packages. However, in order to cut down on costs in a struggling economy companies have often hosen to outsource these jobs oversees, to English speaking employees. In this manner costs with customer service jobs could be cut to less than half, and the salaries would still be appealing to the oversee employees, who are willing to work in three shifts to meet all customer demands.

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