Non Scam Work at Home Jobs

There are a few criteria for working at home, but non scam work at home jobs is definitely the most important aspect, when searching for a home based job. There is nothing more frustrating than doing the work and not being paid for it. Unfortunately due to the lack of valid monitoring for online work offers as well as for home based job markets, work at home jobs have proven to be a great income source for scam artists, cheats and thieves alike. The struggling economy as well as the changes brought about by an increasingly more mobile world, have both contributed to a shift in focus. More and more people have become interested in working from home, as it presents many benefits. It used to be that only stay at home moms were interested in non scam work at home jobs , nowadays high paid executives, looking for a change in lifestyle are doing the same. The mobility offered by the internet, as well as personal computers, mobile phones and other such gadgets, makes the transfer of information faster and easier than ever before. Accessibility is no longer a problem, globalized markets made international work contracts possible, anyone can work for anyone, wherever and whenever they desire.

One of the perks to non scam work at home jobs is not having to wake up at 6 in the morning and drive the long way to work. This might seem trivial to those who are not acquainted with the subject, but anyone who has done this twice a day, losing at least 2 hours of their lives each day on a pointless commute, will most likely jump up and down at hearing about the possibility of avoiding such nuisance. Then there is flexibility. And not the kind of flexibility where you can choose between the morning or the afternoon shift, but the kind, where you can decide how many hours a day, how many days a week you want to work and when exactly that would be. As a bonus, you can choose where you want to work from. This means, that the time you would be wasting on the commute, you can spend earning money. That is not a bad trade, if I say so myself. Being your own boss is also a perk. Not having someone to yell at you, check your time, when you come and go, how much you work, wouldn’t that be nice?

Of course with all of these upsides to non scam work at home jobs, there are bound to be some downsides as well. It is a dream come true to have your boss of your back, of course this means that you are now your own boss, responsible for your own work, its quality and punctuality, your attitude, ability to find clients and business partners, and so on. This will take a lot of work on your part, as most home based jobs are project based, which means that once the work is completed and the project is over, you will have to start looking for another job. Keeping your customers happy will bring in more work, for this you need to be a good communicator and team player, as pleasant as possible for people to work with. Good credentials and recommendations will go a long way in making a successful home based carrier. Having someone to vouch for the quality of your work is sometimes even considered necessary, and not just an added insurance.

The most serious problem home based workers face when looking for non scam work at home jobs is the lack of oversight concerning the legitimacy of the work offers which circulate online. There are a lot of ways to fall victim to a scam. You can either lose money, or you can lose some of your valuable time. Losing money happens when you decide to invest into a job opportunity that sounds very promising. If it sounds too promising, there is your first red flag. If any employer offers to pay you several thousands of dollars a week for unqualified, easy labor, it is surely something that would make you question the legitimacy of such an offer. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. This is why you should refrain from paying for job mediation, paying any type of sign up or registration fees or purchasing presumably work related items, such as software. There are plenty of free of charge jobs to choose from, stick to these. Another problem is working and not getting paid for your work. This can easily happen if you do not have all of the necessary contact information from your employer or a signed collaboration contract, which will allow you to legally pursue being compensated. In order to avoid such situations, you can ask for weekly installments on your work, upon the partial completion of the project. To gain more information about your employer you can also check with the Better Business Bureau, offering a better insight into the financial security of your future collaborations.

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