Work at home sales jobs

Work at home sales jobs are the ideal jobs for telecommuting: they can be done from anywhere, almost at any time of the day, by people looking to earn some money from the comfort of their own home. Such jobs are however not for everyone, as it takes a very patient, attentive and friendly person to succeed in this line of work. Working with customers is not easy; you have to find the right tone with each and every one of them, in order to make a sale. You must also be able to meet criticism and customer backlash with the right attitude, in order not to damage the companies and your own image. Based on your needs and possibilities there are two types of work at home sales jobs to choose from: part time and full time sales jobs. You have to decide how much time you can put in, while still attending to your other obligations, which will in turn determine the value of your income. Working part time you will most likely not make more than 500-1000$ a month, while full time home based sales jobs can bring in more than twice that amount. Do not decide solely based on your projected income. If you have other obligations- like kids or school- you will have to take these into account as well. Although earning more money can be a great motivation for taking on more work, if you do not have the physical possibilities and time to do it, it will end up in failure and you will be out of a job. Earning less is still better than nothing. Consider all aspects involved before making your choice.

If you are looking for work at home sales jobs the best resource for finding them is the internet. There are thousands of websites specializing in mediating work-at-home-sales-jobs home based jobs to stay at home parents, students looking to work from home, and even people looking to replace their full time job. Unfortunately however, there are many scam artists out there as well; looking to make a quick buck, while tricking unsuspecting jobseekers. In order not to be taken in by such con artists you can check the legitimacy of the company offering you a position on website of the Better Business Bureau. Additionally you can also check whether the company is a registered member of the Direct Selling Association. If it is, this will serve as assurance that they are not running any types of schemes, but are a legitimate manufacturing, service and product delivering company. After being reassured that the job offer you have received is legitimate, you must also find out more about the work conditions. Most sales companies will choose to pay you commission on your sales ask about the payment conditions and terms, in order not to have unpleasant surprises later. Payment is an important factor; do not hesitate to clarify all aspects related to it.

After having purchased the starter pack – make sure it is returnable, just in case- most work at home sales jobs will only start after a training period offered by your employer. There are different types of trainings, based on what work-at-home_sales-jobs each company will choose to do, such as face to face, telephone, manual or video trainings. The starter pack will contain everything you will need for the training period, and beyond it, it will help you get acquainted with your new tasks and responsibilities. Make sure to clarify any unclear aspects in the very beginning, to avoid problems later on. You will also receive the products that you will be selling, via this starter pack, so that you can get better acquainted with them, and are able to answer questions regarding these products. Starter packs can be very expensive, they can cost up to 500$, so making sure that they are returnable in case you choose not to do this job, after having learned more about it, you can have a full refund.

There are different types of work at home sales jobs to choose from, such as: sales appointment coordinator, telemarketing sales assistant, sales consultant, sales business developer, sales agent or independent sales representative. As mentioned above you can choose to work anywhere from 20 to 40 hours a week, based on the time and effort you can put into this job. Sales positions are usually experience based; it will be difficult to find work in this area if you have no prior experience. At the same time there are certain skills that a sales agent needs to poses, which are imperative for a successful activity. A sales agent has to be friendly, patient, eager to help, convinced about the quality of the products he or she is selling, professional and must have great interpersonal and communication skills. Sales agents have to be courteous to clients and inspire trust, so that they can sell their products. In order to efficiently do their job, they also have to be able to have successful phone conversations, great PC skills, fundamental MS Office and Outlook knowledge, as well as the ability to successfully use all online resources.

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